What is are the approaches for creating models that support team colors?


I am just wondering what are some of the proper/good/efficient ways of modeling with support for team colors? Any advice?

For example, I am practice creating a flat shaded low poly monster character for RTS in Unity, but the monster should wear pants with the correct team color.

I designed an atlas like this with faction colors in the first column, and then the same colors for the rest of the atlas. When I map UVs in blender, I will map the bottom most row. In Unity shader code, I set a faction ID which correspond to the row number and offset the UVs to the team’s row.

This works when the model is really simple, but starts to get clunky to manage when model is composited with different meshes in 1 exported model.

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Maybe, it’s more a question for the Unity section?

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Not something Blender does, as FedPete say it is probably more related to the specific game engine. Try asking in the Unity section. Blender has no need of atlases really.

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