What is all needed to make a game?

Hi i must say i have many of your courses if not all of them. Is really nice and i learn a lot about C# and game development. As i was building game from courses i get idea that i can really build my own game. So i try simple ball game. Is coming really toggether and i found one thing that i didnt found in any of courses. What actually is need to finish game? What iam asking is in my progress i want build leader board and in video i saw they use server to collect data. Is one thing to have game, but other thing to have game ready. Also if i like to have accounts for players where all those data will be? Do i need server for game to store data in? Thank you.

I’d say grit, and the ability to chase topuics and get into them on your own. Following tutorials only gets you so far … or even worse it gets you stuck in tutorial hell, unable to explore and getting through new topics and obstackles on your own.

So be curious and experiment on your own …read some engine documentation on the topics that you are unfamiliar with and try to get them to work without following a tutorial.

This is what’s needed to make a game on a very foundational level.

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