What is a placeholder?

In the introduction of Section 2, the instructor said that we will use placeholder. I’m spanish so there are some words that I don’t understand. Can someone tell me what is a placeholder in this context?

I think it means like a prototype but not sure

Just off the top of my head, a placeholder usually means a temporary item that will be replaced with a different item at a later time.

Placeholders (cubes, cylinders, planes, etc.) will help you organize and visual your final scene. Placeholders generally are temporary items and will be replaced in the future with a finalized, completed, item.

Hope this is helpful and answers your question. :slight_smile:


yes, it was really useful. :slight_smile:

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I am glad I could be of assistance!

These forums are a great place to ask questions! Don’t be afraid to ask more questions or, jump right in and try to answer questions other students may have. All of us are learning!

Thanks for the explanation, i was also uncertain of what it meant. :slight_smile:

You are most welcome, Shairin. Glad the explanation helped.

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