What if there is no HR manager listed for the Core Value Statement?

I’m on the Write Excellent Cover Letters video in the course for getting a job in the game industry, and Rick makes a point about how being all “Dear sir/madam” in a cover letter costs you points. He recommends that you look into finding the name of the HR person. But what if on the company’s LinkedIn or website, there’s no one credited with handling any HR work? Does that mean I’ll have to go with “sir/madam”, or…?

Thats a very good question.
I would probably direct it to Human Resources Manager at that point as it would be the person(s) that handle the HR work and show that you have looked into the company which is the point of avoiding Sir/Madam.

Hope this helps

In the situation I mentioned, there’s no one credited with handling any HR work on the company’s LinkedIn or website. How do I direct anything at the HR manager in that case?

This is just my opinion but i would address it to Dear HR Manager, Using the job title is often preferrable to Dear Sir/Madam when you dont know the persons name or cannot find one listed.

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