What if . . . ? Half Block Man was snapped to grid?

Hello Everyone !
I am new to blender and studying for the character creation course.
I have made the “Half Block Man” after the second lecture.
I have a question that is it a bad habit to use snap to grid function to edit vertices of the polygons and align them to each others ? or should I practice in freestyle mode without snapping everything to grid.
because in the lecture video, snap to grid was not used.
p.s. :- I used snap to grid function to create it because it was a bit easy for me as I have made maps in valve hammer editor for Counter Strike 1.6 and CS:Source, which had snap to grid enabled by default.


Welcome to this site.

No reason not to use snapping if it works for you. Blender snapping is very configurable it does not have to be just the background grid.

It will be limited at some point though when you want to move things between the snap options. But if it works for you then it is fine, it will not harm anything. Especially so long as you remember you have it on and know to turn it off when it is a problem.

For me, it only goes on when I need it, and off at all other times.


AS NP5 stated, if it works for you it’s ok.
But there are smarter procedures.
And the block model doesn’t need to be precise, because the goal is to ‘block out’ the model roughly, because the next steps in sculpting process is working with digital clay. No exact measuremets needed.

With more Blender modeling practise, the need for snapping will be less.

Have fun!

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