What I think of the grabbing system

I have not watched anything after clip_#74 when I was making this so this is all what I believe I’m going to learn. As I progress in my lesson, I’ll look back to this post I had made and see if I was correct or if I should consider implementing what I had in mind to make my own grabbing system more in tuned of my programming style. There’s nothing wrong with Ben or Sam I love what they’re doing to us by making this awesome UE4 lectures and am grateful for their services giving us intermediate or beginners to go right ahead with C++ with no prior knowledge whereas I’m only expert in JavaScript.

I think the grabbing system will get involve with trigger volumes to alert the pawn and chair for interaction, I think were going to do something about the transformation location changes for when the pawn grabs and move the chair, I think there would be a cancellation system for when we cancel an object and it drops in an area where we let go, and some sort of key press to grab or let go or just a simple trigger volume where it automatically attach itself to the pawn.

To list all my grabbing system thought:

  1. trigger volume for chair and pawn just for interactions
  2. transformation location changes (follow the leader)
  3. cancellation system (grab and drop function)
  4. interaction methods of by pressing a button or trigger volume auto attach to pawn

This is all what I believe the grabbing system would be.

I am using version 4.17.2 and have not watched anything passing clip_#74. So consider me a newbie. According to what I have been researching I believe there would be a special IWYU dependencies for the following:

  1. UStaticMeshComponent
    (Here’s where I have gotten that idea. https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/287109/how-to-grab-staticmeshcomponent-via-c.html)

EDIT: When I was researching for ideas this is what I find. My idea is becoming more realistic as I gone further reading UE4’s official guide and has some sort of idea how to implement my own grabbing system. I’m not calling Ben or Sam out I’m still a newbie so I have not watched pass clip_#74 that this is something I will keep in mind later for easy developing.

I suggests for everyone reading this to bookmark that link it could have those important guides we have for a grabbing system in our game. I’m not saying Ben or Sam are bad it would be nice to use as reference in our future developing.

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