What happens when you run over 2 pickups at this point?


You get a projectile that is way more deadly than what people are expecting.

LOL, this is why its’ a good idea to destroy any items in both hands before spawning. :slight_smile:


Well, I was thinking that besides having the flag for placing the bow into the left hand, there should also be one that denotes it as being two-handed.

Many games would just have a “two-handed” flag in the first place (which would make the character drop or stash a shield they might have been carrying in their left) and (from a coding perspective) not care as much as the bow showing on the player’s left hand…

(That might also depend to some extent on whether the game allows two-handed combat with single-handed weapons, or restricts the left hand for just holding a shield or perhaps a torch. But then, if you wanted to you could also allow to have the player hit enemies with a torch they carry in their left hand, possibly doing some fire damage (but not as much direct physical damage instead)…)

We didn’t really cover 2 handed weapons or dual wield in the course (at least not the way I’d like to have done so). With the current course design, it’s best to remove objects from both transforms, but yes, if you did want more complex equipping arrangement, some more code needs to be written.

Actually, especially in the Inventory course, you’ll find some examples where students have achieved this, or where we’ve discussed the issue and I’ve helped get there.

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it gets really messy when you try drag and drop a 2h weapon into your weapon slot, with a shield in your second hand (I never got that bug fixed. I wanted to cover it up by having my UI switch on top of each other, instead of having them all swarming over the screen, so as to keep drag and drop in the game, but cover up on this bug)

Anyway, let’s not open any new topics now :stuck_out_tongue:

When I have time again, I’ll give something in my mind a go… I have a funky feeling that clearing out the shield slot when drag and drop is done will do the trick. I’m just not sure where to implement that

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