What happened to the Blender Collab thing?

Hello everyone,
About two years ago … There was “a challenge” of some sort here on this forum called The Blender Collab where someone would pick a theme and everyone else would creat a scene about that theme in a week or less…

Now I’ve been busy and kind of drifted away from this forum … Recently, it came back to my mind I was all excited to hop back right in, but I can’t find it

Does anyone know what happened?

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I was wondering the same thing when I came back from a period away, but after running through a few months of prior posts, I thought people must have lost interest.

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Well that’s unfortunate…

Wanna revive it?

I would consider it however, I think we’d run into the same thing we did before. Which was that new competitors would find it daunting, if not impossible to compete with the more experienced modelers. For example, my own work doesn’t stand a chance when compared to Manu_Scheller’s or FedPete’s work.

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Well, if you treat as a competition probably they would win everytime lol.

But if you treat as a challenge just so people show what they came up with I think it’s valid.

Sometimes you are out of ideas and all that is needed is a theme.

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