What does this stuff mean?

This comes up in yellow can someone explain to me what this means?

LogVSAccessor: Warning: Couldn’t goto line number ‘0’ in 'C:/Users/CB/Desktop/UNREAL ENGINE/BuildingEscape/Source/BuildingEscape/PositionReporter.h’
LogVSAccessor: Warning: Couldn’t goto line number ‘0’ in ‘C:/Users/CB/Desktop/UNREAL ENGINE/BuildingEscape/Source/BuildingEscape/PositionReporter.cpp’

LogUObjectGlobals: Warning: Failed to find object ‘Class /Script/BuildingEscape.BuildingEscapeGameMode’

And this stuff come up red I don’t understand!!!

CompilerResultsLog: Error: C:\Users\CB\Desktop\UNREAL ENGINE\BuildingEscape\Source\BuildingEscape\PositionReporter.cpp(11) : warning C4996: ‘UActorComponent::bWantsBeginPlay’: bWantsBeginPlay was inconsistently enforced and is now unused. BeginPlay will now always be called for Actor Components. Please update your code to the new API before upgrading to the
next release, otherwise your project will no longer compile.
CompilerResultsLog: Error: C:\Users\CB\Desktop\UNREAL ENGINE\UE_4.17\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Classes\Components/ActorComponent.h(217) : note: see declaration of ‘UActorComponent::bWantsBeginPlay’

I’m just guessing here but looks to me like you created your project, then updated to a newer version of unreal and then tried to make changes to you project. If that’s the case you should look into what’s changed from one version to the other.

As for the warnings, it may be related to the unreal version too but I would search online for the error and see what comes up…

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