What does the [Letter] in LetterSeen[Letter] do?

Hello, all I am just wondering what the [Letter] does? I am fairly new to the programming world (have taken some classes in college but have not learned all that much) and I have yet to see or find out what it is this does. Sorry if it is talked about in the video but I have re-watched it and yet to find it. Thank you for any help you can give. By the way, I am loving the course so far and feel as if I am learning so much more doing this course then the ones I have taken in college.


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It’s the index to that particular letter. Sort of like an array lookup only using the letter instead of a number. So look on the shelf called LetterSeen for the box labelled Letter and look inside. I think they used the analogy of a variable being a box and an array or data structure being a shelf with a bunch of boxes on it.


Thank you

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