What does "prefiltered" mean here?

I’m having some trouble understanding the “Create Hiding Place Iterator” task/challenge in the Hide and Seek section. Coroutines are (personally) an already confusing subject, so I’m wondering if someone can clarify this.

We have an iterator method that yields RandomPoints(). Create your own iterator method that will return prefiltered hiding places instead. Use this in your coroutine.

Does “prefiltered” mean creating your own “group” of pre-established hiding spots and then cycling through those? Or does it mean to constantly check for random spots the player can’t see and (when choosing a new hiding spot only) cycle through those? If they’ve been prefiltered, so we know the player can’t see them, then why would we need to iterate?

I know some of the open wording used in these tasks is to allow us to think of our own solutions without being guided by the language too much, but in this case I’m finding it really unclear.

What I like about the Skill Builder is that it’s like working for a company and getting assigned work to go do on your own, but if this was a request emailed to me, I’d definitely have questions before setting off.

If someone could explain what this means I’d appreciate it.


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