What does Ben use to capture video?


Hey folks! I suppose Ben could answer this easily, but does anyone know what he uses to capture desktop video? The couple programs I’ve found are not great. The Xbox Live trick doesn’t work with Unreal. But yeah, want a clean, high FPS capture solution to send people some nice vids. :slight_smile:


Not sure what he uses but Camtasia does a good job…but its not free

Edit: tinytake is free and does an ok job. https://tinytake.com/

Alternatively u can setup cameras and use sequencer to capture stuff within unreal…but i am not well versed in how to do that yet…but they have some how to and vids that you can refer to thpugh


Thank you!


No probs :laughing:

Info on sequencer: it got released with the latest engine update a couple weeks ago: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Sequencer/Overview/

It looks pretty powerful. Designed to be used to create cinematics of your game :slight_smile:


@mothergoat I believe it is Camtasia, @Lucy_Becker mentioned this the other day.


If you have a Nvidia card, you can use ShadowPlay for capturing your desktop / games. Works pretty nice and it is free inside your nvidia experience software :slight_smile:


@GamedevCala Wow, I had no idea about Shadowplay. That works PERFECTLY with no hitches. Thanks for that.


Hey guys. On the Mac I record directly with Camtasia or Screenflow.

If using a PC I use an Elgato HD60, recording the PC’s screen into the Mac.

For a microphone I use a Rode Podcaster, but I don’t clutch my ear like the dude in the photo… honest!

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Thanks @ben !