What do you think of game footage?

Hey guys and girls

I’m going through the course editing-in some b-roll game footage at the start of each video for some spice, what do you think of it?

Hi Ben,

I have been buying your courses for a number of years now. The way you are going about them in 2019 is really impressive. I think having some game footage definitely does add that bit more spice as you say. Looking forward to it


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Finally had time to jump into the course.
I like practical examples whenever I learn something, sometimes it’s obvious other times it isn’t so I really like to see it, when they’re from games then it’s even better ;D

Also feels more like learning stuff related to games rather than another math course.

Hello Ben,

Coming late to this party, but I’ve finally signed up for your maths course and looking forward to it.

I think the game footage is a great idea, it helps motivation and focus.

Thanks for all your work.