What do you most want?

Hi gang, I could really use your thoughts on something. I’d like to know what you hope to get out Challenge Club which is another way of asking why you joined Challenge Club. Partly this is so we can serve you better and make sure we improve Challenge Club to meet your needs and partly I’m trying to find better words to tell people not in Challenge Club what the benefit is.

So if you have a moment, please let us know why you’ve joined Challenge Club.


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Hey guys,

I decided to join for the challenge of learning Unity in a less structured way than what is presented in the other courses. As a Kinesthetic Learner, it is important that I find less “Traditional” ways of advancing and improving my skills and knowledge. I’ve only done the first two quests at this point but my decision is already paying off as I push myself to complete each of the challenges presented.



To me, challenge club fulfils the role of being a way to put the skills you have learned in courses to the test - and gain some extra knowledge in a more structured environment. I have been working on my own games as well to do this - however I find that these smaller challenges is a way to keep learning and improving problem solving ability without taking on an entire game.

I was still fairly new to Unity when I started challenge club and it initially gave me the confidence to go out and do my first couple of game jams. Having that bridge between the course and my own game was a huge bonus!

It’s kind of like how sites like ‘codewars’ are really good for problem solving, algorithm practice, etc.

I see it as a perfect middle ground for those who have just taken a few of the courses but are still not 100% confident in making their own stuff without always resorting to tutorials. A lot of the time I find that people are copy/pasting code and not really sure what is happening, so for those people this is the perfect solution, with the goal of being able to then transition to their own games.

I think people who are quite serious about their learning and willing to make that investment would be really keen on challenge club. Those with the goals of really wanting to understand how everything works and perhaps do this as a serious hobby or a career. It may be hard to convert the very casual portion of the Udemy crowd but there is still a good sized audience out there for challenge club, I think.


The trouble with self learning, it knowing what there is out there to learn.
What i want, and gain from CC, is new ideas, different concepts, different parts of unity and coding techniques that i didn’t know i didn’t know :).
Parcelled together with a basic start project to get me going, rather then from a blank canvas, really helps to get me going and learning.


I like being exposed to different ways of solving coding problems. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of using the same coding structures over and over again so it’s nice to fill up my toolbox with different ideas.


I’m honestly some sort of Tutorial collector. I have a bunch of them for a different topics because leaning is fun!

The Challenge Club is something interesting.
I figured it would give me additional impulses and it would be really fun to try out. The first Twitch Stream about the Challenge Club did play a big role into that direction.

Firstly, its not a direct tutorial but something to solve yourself. You may even find a genre of a game to make you didn’t even thought about.

I first tried the Floaty Boat Quest. And I got what I wanted - new impulses!

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