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i’m just wondering.
is there anyone that was able to make their own little game after the terminal hacker lecture ? without tutorials or not xD
srry for this weird question

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Hi Luca,

Most students tend to just follow along with this specific section of the course and change only the passwords for the anagrams. Few customise much further than that with this specific project, although of course you could.

Potentially you could use terminal hacker to launch your other games from the course.

I had done other material before I did this course, so when I did the Terminal Hacker I poked-around inside the WM2000 scripts to customize it somewhat, but I wonder if what you mean is more like, “Of the people who got this far, have any been able to make a game without painting by numbers (following a course)?”

If that’s the question, my best guess is: probably not; at this stage of the course, if it’s the first time a student has used Unity or C#, they’re not really equipped for “making that video game they always wanted to make”. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it would certainly be limited in it’s exploitation of Unity’s core abilities.

At the end of the day, programming is all about doing it over and over again; if you have a game you want to start making, I say go for it, but also leave time to continue the course or some other type of formal training. As you learn more, you’ll be going back and re-working your personal project, but the working and reworking is where the Zen is, so… win, win!

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