What const means:

I think that it is a short form of : constant, which will not allow it to change no matter where you try to reassign it, if you do I believe it should through up an error…

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I think const is short for constant. Which constant means never changing. Adding ‘const’ before ‘int’ makes it a constant integer that does not change.

I think const is short for constant which will basically mean that it can never change and will be a constant value.

i believe its a “command” telling the program that the variable should never change and stay constant

maybe it means, that the variable can not be assigned a diffrent value

I believe it is set in memory as a constant variable. The value cannot be replaced or over written by another declaration.

I believe that it will cause the compiler to either ignore attempts to change it in the code, or throw up an error message when we do try to change the const value