What can we expect from the course pricing?

Since it seems that Udemy is changing their pricing structure again, what can we expect the prices of your courses to be in case we haven’t signed up for them, or for the RPG course that hasn’t launched yet?

Not much will change in reality. The RRPs will go back to where they were. Well hope some people pay full price ($50-$200) but in reality most will wait for offers.

So the prices will go back up to above $50? I don’t remember where they were before April (I was one of the ones who waited for the offers) but I do remember the prices being rather high.

They’re changing the pricing again? That didn’t take long.

I remember seeing courses with only 8-12 hours of video content costing 399 and up, it was rather ridiculous.

It made me wonder if anyone ever actually paid full price, or if everyone waited till they were offering one of their 95% discounts which they seemed to offer every other week.

Yeah, I only found out about it because of an announcement from another Udemy course I’m signed up for. They’re still going to have discounts down as far as $10 on occasion, which I think, as Ben said, most people will just wait for those.

We’ll just revert to who it was prior to their experiment, and continue making the same content in the same way.

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