What are you working on today and can somebody help you?


For Example: I was looking for a Unity Reference for time: 341 results!

I am working on a game and I can’t remember how to PAUSE gameplay, where would I go besides digging through old code or trying to use the Unity Manual?


Found the answer with Google - of course Google knows everything.

Time.timeScale = 0.0;


I an working on a unity game as well, and its all finished, except the character gets disfigured when i build to web… for some reason. :unamused:

I posted the problem 2 days ago in unity answers AND stack exchange, and nobody seems to care :stuck_out_tongue:


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How about change-up the character and see if it still does it.
Maybe you got a broken Sprite.

Hey man, where is your profile pic?


That would prove to be difficult, be cause I would need to keep building it and playing it constantly to see exactly what to change, because it’s absolutely fine in play mode. Also, the character is a model, not a sprite.

About the profile pic, sure. I’ll get one right now!
Never mind, every time I try to change it, it gets stuck at 100%… weird.


Hey! I think I found the solution, after 4 grueling days! I’ll make sure to keep note of this. Quality settings can mess with your vertices. Now, mind if I ask a question, while I’m at it? Anybody know any tips on how one would make their game run faster?


HA Ha ha Yes, lower the quality of your graphics is probably #1solution.
Profile pic?


Geeeez mal that is very impressive :astonished:


Actually, no. I had to RAISE the quality settings, because my mesh gets deformed if I set it anywhere lower than fantastic. I had it automatically set to fastest, which was causing trouble in the web player, but in the standalone, I manually set it to fantastic, so it worked there.

I’ll try uploading a profile pic again. It always seems to get stuck at 100% :wink:

EDIT: Ah, there we are! Don’t know why it didn’t work before, to be honest.