What are these spots on my mesh?

I am not sure what has caused these weird spots on my mesh after a few hours of sculpting. They were originally a bunch of small dents in the mesh. After pulling them out in edit mode, they are still standing out as a darker grey. I tried smoothing them out, flipping their normals, and other misc. things. Not sure what is causing this. Thanks for any help.

btw, their miss color is only noticeable in sculpt mode.

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Could be holes? (missing verts)
It can also be the low poly shining through?

Yea, I am not sure. I guess it could just be a bug. Who knows.

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If you copy your file to experiment !! and delete some of those areas, what happens?

How many verts do you have, maybe you are at the end of your hardware capabilities?

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I assume you left the normals all looking blue after experimenting with flipping?

I would examine it in wireframe and see if there is odd bits of extra geometry probably inside, or on top.

There is a remote possibility they have accidentilly acquired face set colouring, but rather on the umlikely end as that would tend to be a more non grey colour.

Yea, I checked their normals and they were all fine. After remeshing, it seemed to have fixed the issue though.


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