What are the differences between C# and Python 3?


Right now, I am currently taking the Unity 2D course. I’ve completed lecture 11 and I’ve already noticed some similarities between C# and Python 3, a language that I started to learn a few weeks ago. So, what differences and similarities are there between the 2? :thinking:


There are many comparisons and discussions on this subject on the internet. Have you already looked for them?

Here is an example:

Generally, if you know one programming languages, it will be easier for you to learn new ones because many use a similar syntax and the same concepts. However, this can also be tricky because it is easy to mix up things if they are too similar. For this reason, I would recommend to treat C# and Python as two different languages and do not focus too much on differences/similarities. Instead, focus on the framework you want to use because that’s where the complexity stems from. In our case, we use the Unity framework (with C#).

Hopefully, this helped a bit. :slight_smile:

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