What are some good unreal engine courses?

So i started my programming journey with the blueprints course by ben tristem on udemy, and that taught me a lot, then i did half of endless runner course by devsquad on youtube, and that was good but i couldnt continue it because my files crashed and i didnt wanna redo everything. so what should i do next? can you guys drop some good courses, preferberly free that i can do as a beginner?

Do you want blueprints or c++? Consider Ben’s Unreal C++ complete course, the you. Can move multiplayer and Cinematics.

blueprints. i dont really wanna move on to learning c++ until i fully understand blueprints. unless its easier, what’s your take on it?

Well blueprints are easier, but a bit limiting. Understanding both will make your experience with both better. Your experience with blueprints in not wasted when you use c++. Concepts are the same, same goes for c++, some features are not available in blueprints.

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