What am I doing wrong? Does accept UVMap template

Can anybody help me with my Normal Map bake process. I created low and high poly balls. I created a separate UVMap. I checked the box selective to Active and I chose Normal Bake mode. The difference in my result is that it does not create a map in the shape of the UV unwrap it creates a flat bake that seems to have a vastly smaller form of the details that does not replicate to the low poly ball. Can anybody point out what I am doing wrong please.

Hi @Richard_Smith,

Can you provide us little bit more information like screenshot of your meshes? Do you use blender or cycles for baking? Can you show your UVs for low poly model? Did you have the models in same scale and same location?

Cheers, Jax

Thanks for taking an interest. Here is the information requested. I should also add I am on 2.79b

I have rewatched the video over and over and still can’t find the issue.


Hi again,

Thanks for the additional info. Question: Are the models same scale and at the same location? To me it looks like the models are not on the same location. In order you to be able to bake the normal map you need to have the models on the same location.

Cheers, Jax


I did a quick bake myself. I don’t know what’s with your setup. I am guessing the location and/or the scale is not the same. For me it is working all well.

If you don’t have luck by redoing the scale and positioning, then maybe I could take a look at your .blend file.

Cheers, Jax

Thanks Jax,

It was the positioning. After you mentioned it I went back and listened carefully I must have been overlooking the part where the one object had to positioned over the other. I had them separated. Thanks for the guidance.

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Nps! Good that it got solved!

Cheers, Jax

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