What about lowerCameCase in GDScript

Hi :wave:t5: I wonder why you don’t promote lowerCamelCase in GDScript :kissing: Is it because these typing conventions are related to C# and Unity? Or because of a performance issue? Or something else?

It’s just curiosity, after having followed lots of coding courses for beginners which emphasize good practices :nerd_face:

Thanks for your insight :pray:t5:

Here’s a great resource that you might be interested in: GDScript style guide — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English

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Nice! Thanks for sharing :pray:t5:

I am also curious about some of the formatting conventions he used.
He would use var = var + thing, but I feel like doing var += thing is far more efficient and easier to understand

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No need to cherry pick, this is for begginer and doing += may be confusing and it’s not really “more efficient”.

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