What a frustration

Really. As much as I liked that course but the refactoring was a purely frustrating experience. After it, several problems occured in the project with lost materials and crashing editor. I was forced to go back to an old commit and there was … git hub. This program is a nightmare to use.
The course should clearly cover at least three more intensive source tree and github lectures where they show you the most common traps and how to get out of them. Also stuff like detached heads and what is if the push to github ended with errors and so on.
Clearly a very important skill that is needed for working with the editor is to cleanly, safely recover a former commit.
My source tree looks like a battlefield…

Ok… I will go back to battle…

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I had a similar experience, I messed up than I got the files back using git, then I realise that I forgot to upload some commits and I lost the work of 10 lectures. But I think that is part of learning, this allow us to pay more attention and really learn a tool as GitHub or Unreal. The Frustration is REAL but it come together with knowledge. I hope you keep motivated because you are not alone, Keep going !


thank you Rodrigo… I guess you are right. Giving up is never an option and one learns even in frustrating moments…


this is how I back up my project



I back up the hole project file after very lecture aome time in the middle or when ever I fell I nned to
save me lots.

much much easier for me then soursetree but I still use it.

Sadly, I have to agree that this was an exercise in frustration. There were too little “check points” in between that allowed you to verify that you were “on track”. Also, the compile error in the blueprint that is resolved in the next lesson shouldn’t be left dangling around - the end of the video shows the game actually working which will NOT be the case if you followed the video’s solution.

Inconsistencies like that make the whole thing unnecessarily confusing and frustrating. The video should make sure that the solution presented matches what the students are seeing, which is not the case here.

I am quite aware that the whole refactoring was quite a chunk to go about and that it is hard to track everything, but this could have gone more smoothly.

~~ Alwarren