WellSpring Prototype Level Design

Greetings all,

So I grabbed my tablet and Photoshop and lost track of time. Overall I’m pretty happy with it though honestly, not sure if I have a compelling first level or not yet. My path seems very linear and to be honest, I don’t care for those kind of directed experiences. Hopefully by the time I want to release I’ve made it a lot more open to choosing what you want when you want. For now, I’ll settle for getting through a opening scene. As always, I would greatly appreciate any feedback you might care to share with me. Thanks in advance and have a great day. :slight_smile:



hi @JennBren, it looks great!
Designing a first level is hard. I started over 3 times from finished and working levels because I wasn’t liking the flow and composition. I put together a board in Pinterest with ideas I have been collecting. Feel free to take a look, maybe it helps and brings some ideas: https://www.pinterest.com/creativebysea/ideas-for-environment/


Thanks for the feedback CreativebytheSea,

I took a look at your Pinterest and noticed that you’ve picked almost entirely isometric references. Is that something you are planning on doing in your game? Keeping it in isometric proportions?


No, I’m not doing an isometric level, I think mostly of those levels are isometric because that view allows you to see a bigger part of the level, so probably it’s better for design/inspiration :slight_smile:
I’m making a third person RPG with a kind of fixed top-down camera but lower than usual.

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