Well, Here It Is :)

Just started 3D modeling A few days ago. Got up to the lesson right before the end of section 1. Thought I would get my well out there. And just have one question so far.

Eevee 2k. Render time: 1s. Notice the steps don’t have crisp shadows like the one below.

Cycles 4k. Render time: 5m40s. I noticed that the torches reddish light doesnt show here.

When I did another render using bright lights for the torches, i still couldnt get it to render. Is there a setting that I’m missing? or is this a limitation of Cycles?

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That is a very nice well. Good experimenting with varied coloured tiles and bricks.

New to 2.81a and eeve myself so I can not say for sure but ‘probably’, there is more to pick up later about making eeve look better. Cycles is always the best. just very time consuming renders in a big way once you go past very simple scenes.

Shadow are handle different in Eevee, due to slowdown render times. Eevee is more a game engine routine, fast but not that accurate in some ways. You need to activate some options in Eevee!

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