Welcome to "Doorway Challenge"

I hope you have enjoyed the lecture. If you have any hints or tips that you have discovered about this topic please do share. Feel free to report any issues with the content if you have any!

Hello Michael. I just wanted to bring to your attention that lectures “221. Profile Modeling By Extrusion” and “222. Doorway Challenge” seem out of order. I was confused when I got to lecture 221 and it started with a door frame since we only finished managing our assets in lecture “220. Managing Your Assets”. But when I went to lecture 222, it started right where we left off in lecture 220 and lecture 221 looks like a continuation of lecture 222. I think it would be great if you should switch the order to save others from getting confused like I did.

Yes seems a bit odd. I think the first one is more ‘how to do’ the arch shaping, then moves on to the making the doorway section.