Welcome to Argon Assault

Enjoy this section, and if you’re old enough the nostalgia!

Please share your experiences of working through this section of the course and creating Argon Assault, you might consider;

  • What was your Eureka! moment during this section of the course?
  • What would be your number one feature that you would like to add which you haven’t so far?
  • Sharing any tips which you feel have been beneficial to you
  • Sharing a video featuring your gameplay
  • Sharing a screenshot and link to your game for others to see, play and enjoy!

Ok so here is the first video of Argon Assault - Star Wars Edition (aka “BENRICKWARS”).


This reminds me of the Star Wars game I used to have on my Atari ST, back in the day… only much better looking, that really was such a fun game :slight_smile:


What will you add to this next Lee?

Only just spotted the Tie-Fighters at approx 00:08 - very nice - watched this 4 times now :smiley:

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I have played that, but had forgotten about it! I used to have an Amiga but had a friend with an ST. I used to enjoy the arcade sit-down cabinet version too.

To be honest, I hadn’t really thought too far ahead about what to add since it’s just a project piece, which means I don’t need to be concerned about infringing any copyright or violating IP territory. It is a challenge to slow it down enough to see the enemies and give the player a chance to shoot at them but maintaining a sense of speeding through a trench. The tie fighters will be better placed in the next version and it should be more playable once I introduce collisions and do some extreme testing.

For each module I like to take what’s provided in a different direction and push the boundaries. I know for complete beginners to follow along with exactly what’s provided is an appropriate track to follow, but when have I ever been appropriate :stuck_out_tongue:

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I did wonder whether that might be the case, e.g. it might not be something you’d continue with. Would be a shame in a sense though as you have very nicely recreated that specific part of the original game (the other bit where you shoot the tower tops was always a bit weird!)…

I know what you mean about the tie fighters, perhaps, if you do decided to do anymore with it, they could chase from behind, fly over the top, wiggle side to side a bit, but still be firing at you - just because they are flying forwards doesn’t mean their laser turrets have to :slight_smile:

That would give the player the ability to shoot at them more easily, and perhaps, the occasional bad guy flies directly towards them, more challenging, but that could be the “wave complete” moment or something.

Obviously, some destructible cat-walks and trench-based turrets would be lovely :wink:

I believe the original also had a, rather garbled, version of this sound bite :slight_smile:

“Use for the force @Lee_Harris…” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I did think like in the film, they could fly into the trench from above so you would see them earlier. As a Star Wars fan (the original was the first film I saw at the cinema) I am enjoying this and thinking that the scream sound of the tie fighters along with some of the original audio (like the clip you posted) would really add to it, however…it will also be somewhat of a thankless task if it will stay as a project piece that will likely end when the module does. It is a good idea about the enemy ships coming from behind though, thanks! What happens to it in the remainder of the course is somewhat driven by what content Ben and Rick provide.

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Ooh, yeah, flying in from above - that would look rather nice.

Fair enough Lee, I know you have a few other projects on the go, I just excited by the thought of blasting some tie-fighters :smiley:

Hey just because I can’t release it commercially, doesn’t mean I can’t release it free to a select audience :sunglasses:

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pew, pew, pew

:smiley: :smiley:

Of course, I have reached the end of the content again (one of the pro’s to not being able to buy the whole course up-front). I could continue and finish the game but since it’s supposed to be created using course content, I will wait. I did find some great sound effects though that should really make the screaming tie fighters pop :sunglasses:

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Hey Lee,

Well done on the progress :slight_smile:

I could continue and finish the game but since it’s supposed to be created using course content, I will wait.

Or… “Use the ‘fork’ Lee…” :smiley:

I did find some great sound effects though that should really make the screaming tie fighters pop :sunglasses:

Such a tease… hehe… I will look forward to seeing the next version of this, or, any of your other work in due course - it’s always great to see :slight_smile:

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I finished the course to lecture lecture 101 and I’m really enjoying it! I do a lot of environment/3D generalist stuff for a living, so it’s fun to bring some of that knowledge into this game. Learning to code is really fun and continues to make more sense. I’ve been holding off on the RPG course because I want to go into that one with as much knowledge as possible, but maybe I’ll start that while I’m waiting for an update… Great stuff, Ben and Rick! :smile:


Looking good Steve, really nice :slight_smile:

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Here’s a small gameplay video.

I can add more features but I don’t think there’s any point as I understood how they are made!!
Made the timeline more than 2 minutes long.

The boss fight would include some particle shoots but I need to keep moving forward with the lessons. Maybe in the future, I will come back and redo them (highly unlikely).

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