Weird Turret twitching

My tank turret keeps twitching, which makes both player and AI hard to aim, and fire state hardly gets to locked because of this…

I feel like it’s because of collision setting, but can’t figure out.

I’ve been having this problem since the start, and I thought this would be covered in future lecture, but it’s not. I remember lecture 140, but Ben did not have my problem at all.

This is my setting for both turret and barrel:


I had a problem where the turret doesn’t automatically adjust as u rotate the camera it twitches, its becuz I didnt copy the code properly and didnt set the “false” parameter in “AimSolution” in the Aiming Component, Check if thats the cause.

Heres the full code,

bool bHaveAimSolution = UGameplayStatics::SuggestProjectileVelocity
ESuggestProjVelocityTraceOption::DoNotTrace // Parameter must be present to prevent bug

Thank you for the reply, but this is not the reason in my case…

I use Mac Pro, could it be the reason? The performance is not well, fps is only around 13

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