Weird title card for the "Constant Swinging" lesson

This is really weird, when advancing to the lesson it has a title card that shows a challenge already. And it makes reference to some new code that doesn’t appear like it’s done within the very first seconds or minute of the lesson…

@Stephen_Hubbard Can you take a look at this when you are back as it slipped through the net on my searches.
I havent reviewed the content as i am tied up in other content at the moment

Actually it’s not the only one, there were a few more since that.
It’s not really a big deal, but it somehow looks silly…

I’ve actually put some things on the backburner and reviewing the content for this course so i should pick up issues like these and get them fixed.
By all means post away if you spot any as its always good to have extra eyes on these things :slight_smile:

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Well, the “Second Scene” lesson has the challengs as its score card as well.
“Animated Tiles”, too.

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I’ve looked into this and its actually a thing with all of the videos on all of the courses that shows at the start of the course for a fraction of a second.
I’ve spoken to Gary our production manager and it looks to be that teachable has set up thumbnails in an update and they were not a thing before.
We will be fixing this going forward with new videos but it may take some time to change this on videos that are already uploaded as we have to do this for our entire cataloge.

Thanks for the heads up on this :slight_smile:

Ouch, that’s a lot of extra work ahead… :frowning:

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