Weird Physics Warnings

My turret and barrel work perfectly fine (as far as i can tell), but whenever I run the game, I get these 2 warnings every frame:

LogPhysics:Warning: PopulatePhysXGeometryAndTransform(Convex): ConvexElem invalid

LogPhysics:Warning: ForeachShape(Convex): [/Game/Tank/tank_fbx_Turret_turret_001.tank_fbx_Turret_turret_001] ScaledElem[0] invalid

I don’t know if it’s related, but I changed the sizes (and locations, after setting right socket as parent) of different parts of the tank in the blueprint editor.
What is the problem, and will it effect future game performance?


I have the same warnings. I will probably try changing the collision hulls of the meshes.

hi and i had the same problem as well in during Lecture 152 after remove and add the box collision to the tank…
any solution to solve that ??

Set proper In Blueprint choose Turret in components and set proper Collision Presets in Collison.

Update I Find proper property image


In case anyone else is having this issue, we make some changes in the video"Working Round Awkward Bugs" (Lecture 150 at time of writing), which fixed the issue for me. The solution was to change the Collision Presets on the Turret and Barrel in the Tank blueprint, to “NoCollision” from “BlockAllDynamic”. Note, you may have to remove hidecategories = ('Collision') in your TankTurret.h and TankBarrel.h files first, to allow you to see the collision settings to change in the blueprint.


Looks like it helped. Thanks

I just posted on Udemy QA section, video 155, here is what I did:

Instead of me disabling the collisions on the turret and barrel, I, after playing around a bit, solved it by doing the following:

  • on the bank body mesh, move up the turret slot a bit, as the turret was overlapping the body mesh

  • optional was for me to remove the barrel collisions, which I left like this, as I decided my tank won’t take damage if hit on the barrel

I hope this helps

it helped so I have to say thanks

it worked

I tried your method , but of no use
I still got the same problem
can you suggest some other alternative or anyone know how to solve this error