Weird issue with the "PlayerPawn" location

Copying the blueprints for this course and I’ve encountered a weird issue. Everything works properly in that the crystal will lerp to the player pawn’s location but the problem is that the player pawn’s location is not on the ball. It’s wherever the ball started off. So no matter where I collect a crystal from, it flies back to the player start spot and not the pawn itself.

Found the issue but not a satisfactory fix. On the player pawn, the scene root does not move at all with the ball. Was able to make the mesh the new root and while this did fix the issue of the crystal not lerping to the ball, it created a new issue where it now lerps wobbly to a spot on the mesh where it gets “stuck” (like a sticky ball rolling over a pebble) before being destroyed.

Hi nonpolar,

Can you check if the mesh of your crystal has it’s collision set to no collision? That should resolve your new issue.

Hi, Tuomo and thanks for the reply.

Setting the mesh to be the root component was the fix but as for the collection issue, the issue actually was that I had used a different sphere mesh to create the player ball. It appears to be the same as the sphere object but one of them has its origin point in the center of the sphere and the other has its origin on the bottom. I was using the latter… so instead of lerping to the center of the sphere, the crystals were lerping to the “bottom” point of the mesh which was always rotating as the ball moved.

Awesome, I’m glad you found the solution!

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