Weird issue with Controller Input

Hi. I really like Godot’s Input system, it feels sooo much easier to use than Unity :grinning:

However, I had some issues trying to configure a pad (xBox 360 controller). For now, arrow keys and WASD/ZQSD work fine, as well as the controller’s D-pad :keyboard: :video_game:

But since I added the left joystick, the character’s movement remains the same on the horizontal axis but becomes wayy too slow on the vertical axis :woozy_face:

I know that there are potentiometers in the controllers and so on, so ok if I need more parameters to configure it :+1:t5: What I do not understand is why only vertical axis is concerned :thinking: ?

Not sure, I donr have a controller with me just now.
I remember having to use the get input axis in previous versions.
But without a controller till I get home next week I can’t test.

I’ll see if I can find one somewhere to try and help

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Hello! Analogue controller on your game pad might have worn out. If you have another controller, please test it with another one. In my case I had to buy a new one.
By the way, there is a web site where you can test your controller. It could be helpful when you test your gamepad first.

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