Weird bug?!

I want to make a 2-Dimensional 3-D Platformer. I started a new unity 3-D project but its showing me a lot of visual glitches after i used the 2-D option

What is causing this and how do i fix it?

I tried tinkering with some settings using online resources but nothing seems to have worked. PLEASE HELP!!!


I’m sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, your thread does not have any tag, so we teaching assistants did not recognise this game project.

Could you please let us know for which of our courses this project is and in which lecture you are?

Its happening with every 3D project im opening

Have you already tried to install the latest stable version of Unity? Maybe you are experiencing a visual bug in your editor. If the problem occurs in different versions of Unity and other projects, too, I would suggest to report a bug to Unity.

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