Weird bug with sounds cues

So after I finished the first AI lesson with the spiders for some reason my sound cues for loop shooting sound and end sound stopped working, I tried to solve this in several ways but it doesn’t seem to work, whenever i go into the level or press play on the sound cues in the folder i get a weird beep sound, I tried the following to solve this:
play the sound file from the folder inside unreal engine as is - works = the sound file itself is ok.
The sound cues that came in the folder (equip and reload) works fine.
Create a new sound cue with the same properties - doesn’t work.
Create a new sound cue with just one sound connected to the output - doesn’t work. (the sound doesn’t play when i hit the play button in the sound cue and just beeps instead).

I’m really confused and would appreciate some help!


Could you try deleting your Binaries and Intermediates folders and reloading the project?