Weight Painting

Interesting concept, weight painting. Could apply to a lot of things I feel. It reminds me of bump mapping, refection mapping and that sort thing. It’s like drawing a bitmap that is already wrapped around the rabbit to indicate weighting. Maybe it should be called Fur-mapping lol. I’ve just used the normal rendered mode instead of cycles render as the cycles render is crashing my machine mid-computing.


Got a cycles render working

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Nice furry bunny, Ben!

Weight painting has been the bane of my existence and made me give up trying to learn Blender. :slight_smile: One of the reasons I was interested in learning Blender a few years back was I wanted to make mesh clothing for some virtual worlds. The particular task is having to weight the clothing to the rig so when the avatar moves, the clothing does as well. I could never quite get it to work well. I may have to go back and try it now. I hope there is more about it in future lessons.

I was having crashing issues as well using 2.77a for Mac. What I ended up doing and seems to have worked for me was completely uninstalling Blender, downloading a new copy from the site, and reinstalling. When I set it back up, I didn’t turn on all the add ons I had loaded and didn’t reinstall ones I didn’t absolute need. It seems to have worked since I haven’t had but one crash since. Might be something to try.

Thanks for your comments.
I think sometimes the feeling to give up arises because we think something should be easy so then the frustration starts, when in fact it is not easy, for if it was you would not need to be trained in it!

I believe the crashing is because of a lack of RAM, too much memory is being used that my ****py PC cannot respond with. Not much I can do about that at the moment. I didn’t envisage doing a Blender course when I bought the PC, I drifted onto it from the Unity course.

Problem aside, even if I don’t use Blender for anything, as a worker in the world of a CAD product (ArtiCAD) 3D I have found it very useful to see some of the techniques used to create 3D scenes in general. I may end up using this knowledge as a guide to develop features in our ArtiCAD product. (Kitchen/Bedroom/Bathroom) renderings.

I can seen Blender being useful to set up kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms for nice renders from your Cad designs. Anyway, you are doing a great job with Blender even though your computer doesn’t like it so well :slight_smile:

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Or purple, if you please

Blender might be useful but ArtiCAD is better for that purpose as we have all the manufacturer catalogues and the items are created already for you. But one thing we lack is design in 3d. This Blender course has shown me that a lot is possible in 3D design, and also some techniques of achieving certain aims. In fact being a developer I can even see a lot of improvements that could be made,

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