Weight Painting - Left Foot's Weights are effecting right shoulder

I am at the weight painting chapter of Grant’s wonderful course.

I was thrilled to be able to rig and set up IK for Mr. Blob.

The weight painting hasn’t been so easy.

In the lesson, Grant asks the student to select an IK target on the foot, and move it up. That part is working. But I am getting an odd weight painting.
See attached Screen Grabs:

You move the IK Target, and it moves like it should. But moving the IK target also moves some vertices on the right shoulder. I get into weight painting, Cntrl Click on the shoulder bone, set the weight painting brush to 0.00, the radius to 162, and try painting the vertices around the shoulder bone, but nothing happens.

The brush is having no effect. I also tried setting the weight to higher setting, all the way to 1.00, and still nothing is happening.

Here is another screen shot:

This one shows there are also vertices on the back of the object being affected by the weight of the left foot.

I have tried painting the foot’s weights at 0.000, and that does work. But after doing that, I try to paint the should and back at 0.000 and that is not working. The weights on the shoulder are not changing.

Here is another screen shot in Object mode, which definitely shows the vertices are being affected:

I am very new to Blender. Is there something I am overlooking? I tried to rig the bones and keep them in the center of the mesh… Any help is appreciated.



I think it might be because you are not painting over displaced verts. It is sometimes hard to paint on them, even if it seems you are doing it properly, because displacement caused by wrong weight on skin makes verts hide behind mesh (thats how I explain it to myself - the mesh is bend in strange way and kinda hides the vertex inside itself). Did you try to paint on the shoulder from every direction? I mean orbit around it and try to fit the brush in that small hole, that you cannot see, but its there :wink:

You can also try to go to vertex selection:

So you will see where the verts are. (But to paint on them you have to have them selected in edit mode. So go to edit mode, select shoulder verts, go back to waight paint and they should be paintable. Or you can just select all in edit mode.)


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