Weight Hair Brush Test

Ok, so I’ve decided to test the weight brush to see if it crashes on my computer aswell. The test was done on my laptop with a GeForce 840 (2GB ) and an intel i5-5200U.

The results are interesting. It did not crash nor do I seem to be lagging. I have the same settings for the hair as in the lecture, except I went for a different creature as I wanted to play around with the tools I had.

I don’t quite get what it is supposed to do, but the blender manual says this: " This is especially useful for soft body animations, because the weight defines the soft body Goal . A keypoint with a weight of 1 will not move at all, a keypoint with a weight of 0 subjects fully to soft body animation. This value is scaled by the GMin to GMax range of soft body goals…"
(source: “https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/dev/physics/particles/mode.html”)

I hope this helped someone…somehow.

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