Weekly Collab Numbering and Summary

Just something that popped into my mind the other day… I was wondering whether you guys/gals would restart the weekly count as it’s a new year?

It’s not come up before because the forum isn’t quite old enough, but I wondered whether maybe including the year and week number (the same way you include the month and year for the bi-monthly collab), that way, should you ever want to look back it would be easy to identify when things were created, but also you won’t end up with a number in it’s thousands in 20 years time :wink:

No worries if there’s no desire to amend/change it, as I said it was merely something that crossed my mind…

I was toying with the idea of popping a summary post together which listed them all in order, it could be set as a wiki so that it could be updated over time by anyone, as I noticed the search doesn’t return all of the posts in the order that would be ideal.

Let me know if there’s any interest in the latter… or former… I think you only have the one post for the weekly one so far this year so no massive effort to update it, and I would be happy to update all of the previous ones and add “2016” if anyone thinks it’s worthwhile.

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OH ****, THE MONTHLY!!! :scream:

Lol I entirely forgot about that, AND forgot to upload my submission xD I suppose I better get to reorganizing things! I had planned to turn the bi-monthly back into a single-monthly in 2017, and luckily, that already has the year on it.

I think you’re completely right. I’ll ask this week’s submitter to change the title to “2017 Week 1”, and remind the next submitter to do the same!

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hehe, too much eggnog? :smiley:

No worries, I wasn’t sure when the monthly was due up so it wasn’t a dig/nudge or anything.

If you think a summary post is worth having with all of the individual posts linked, in the order that they were started etc let me know and I will see what I can rustle up :slight_smile:

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