WebGL problems

Hi, I’m having some trouble building the WebGL version of the game.
I’m using Unity 2018.3.0f2.
I have the button of “build and Run” in grey and I can’t press it (is disable).
What’s the problem?? Help me I’m confuse!!
Sorry for my english. :frowning:


Have you selected the correct build platform and, if necessary chose “Switch Platform”?

Yes i have selected the correct One. The only platform that i can use build and run button is PC.


It sounds very much like the Switch Platform button needs pressing.

You also don’t need to use Build and Run as not all browsers will run your game locally like that anyway. You could just choose Build and then upload to ShareMyGame.com or Itch.io.

Yes it is!!!
After restarted twice unity it works finally.
I don’t know whatis happend.
thx a lot!!

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How strange, but I’m glad you have resolved the issue.

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