Web GL Build is no longer optional

I’ve been working really hard to get my Text 101 adventure game finished up, only to find out that the Unity Web Player has been deprecated, and no longer works in Firefox either.

It would appear that the only option is the Web GL build, and it is no longer optional, but a requirement to share the game online.

Am I wrong or does the title of Lesson 38 need to be updated.

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Yeah it does seem to be that way. The fix is to download Unity 5.x and to copy the project folder for your game into your 5.x project folder(note copy don’t try to link into it). When you open the project in 5.x it will update the code to work and you can no produce a WebGL version that way.

Yeah, I got it worked out this morning. It’s also worth noting that you have to check off to install the Web GL module when installing Unity 5 or you won’t be able to build the Web GL version.

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