Weapons not moving

Course is: Unity Turn-Based Strategy Game: Intermediate C# Coding

Hello, in my project the weapons are not moving any more with the character.

They just stay in the initial position (in the air).

When viewing the animation (in the animiations window as a preview), the weapons move correctly with the character.

They also did move some steps ago and I don’t know, what I did wrong.

It’s not the c# code: When running my code the lecture’s projects, weapons move. When I run the lecture’s code in my project, they don’t move.

I compared every setting, but I cannot find a difference - however, they must be some difference.

Do you have an Idea where to look?

The weapons motion should happen automagically with the movement of the bones the weapon is attached to. Make sure the weapon is in the heirarchy childed to the hand

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