-"We have last chance..." Said Elon Musk to everyone gathered

Everybody, you are creating amazing stuff! Watching your work fills me with little anger and a lot of excitation at the same time which is great :D.
Im doing my best. Don’t know a lot of things yet( haven’t ever touched blender and like) but with what I have I create what i can :).
So heere is my level one after putting in some time.


I really like what you did here. Some of my favorite bits are the red plant like patches and the use of the original rocket model as like a crashed derelict. Very very creative. Well done. :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much. It was in creative state, so I added, what I thought was good too add .A little bit of a mess but, who knows how it is on a different planet and you alone trying to escape !

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