Waypoint Tolerances Question

My character was not completing the cycle of the waypoints, after some debugging I found that it was not meeting teh waypoint tolerance for waypoint 1 so I increased the tolerance to 1.1 then it stopped at the last waypoint as the waypoint tolerance was not met as the distance to target when it arrived at the waypoint was 1.15 so increased it again to 1.16 and it now moves around the Patrol Path as expected. My question is why is the player not getting to within 1 of the sphere? The Gizmo has no collider to stop the capsule?

Just curious as to why ? it should hit within 1 all the time shouldn’t it?

Ok… so I raised all the Gizmo Spheres to a Y value of 0.5 and reduced the waypoint tolerance back down to 1 and it works successfully.

Again other than the terrain was interfering with the capsule collider or navmeshagent.

The gizmos should’t be interfering with the NavMesh at all. Depending on speed and turn radius, it’s generally extremely difficult to get closer than 1.0 with the NavMesh. The agent will keep trying but often it winds up orbiting the patrol point instead.

For waypoints, I actually use a tolerance of 1.5. For combat, I generally use a tolerance of 2.0f.

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