Waypoint Progress Tracker error : Input position is { NaN, NaN, NaN }

I’m New in C# and Game Dev.
I was watching Complete C# Unity Game Developer 3D Online Course (28. SendMessage() Between Components) that suddenly I got an error that is coming from the Waypoint Progress Tracker Component in Camera . I made a new project but i have the same error!

Error Text :
transform.position assign attempt for ‘Main Camera’ is not valid. Input position is { NaN, NaN, NaN }.
UnityEngine.Transform:set_position (UnityEngine.Vector3)
UnityStandardAssets.Utility.WaypointProgressTracker:Update () (at Assets/Assets Packages/Standard Assets/Utility/WaypointProgressTracker.cs:96)

Can anyone Please help?


Unfortunately, the Waypoint asset is heavily outdated. Is there a reason why you are following the archived Unity 3D course instead of the remastered course?

Tnx for your answer.
actually I bought the archived one before publishing the remastered one and I don’t have access to it further more as I watched the preview as rick said i was thinking that there is not a huge change like this…
so I will purchase the new one :slight_smile:

Actually, if you purchased the original course on Udemy or here on our platform, you should be able to access the remastered content for free. If you can’t, please write an e-mail at info@gamedev.tv.

Theoretically, it is still possible to follow this archived section if you don’t implement the Circuit in your game. In one of the following videos, Rick replaces it with a Timeline animation.