WaterGrass Top-Down Tileset (Lesson 12 - Pixel Art Environments: 2D Envi...)

Lez 6 - Grass Tileset

Es 6 - Grass-Water Tileset

My water-grass tileset, i think that if the grass is over the water, i can’t see the water in back.

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Thats really nice tileset. Grass at the border of the water and water itself are really convincing.
But I have a slight feeling its a bit inconsistent. If the grass overlaps over the water, why does it not overlap the dirt above? :wink: Also, you have kind of like 2 perspectives here - one dead from above, second slightly tilted (isometric from front). I think it would be beneficial for this perspective to show also grass at the sides of the pond slightly overhanging and covering the water.
Sorry for this very ugly edit, but to illustrate what I mean, its the best I can do:

Dunno if this disgrace of a sketch helps to illustrate my point, but this is what i mean :wink:

I think you need to choose, if you want it from above or isometric (which “fakes” 3D), as it has to be consistent with artwork of the entire project.


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