Watch out Pixar, here I come!

Oh man, what a day. I spent so long trying to figure this out at the challenge marker, I’m talking hours, before scraping everything I’d done and starting over after watching the rest of the video. Thankfully, I was able to get through it after that.

Behold, my first ever 3D animation! It’s not much, but it’s mine.

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haha nice :slight_smile:
It looks like he’s trying to jump but is chained to the floor.

No wonder he tripped, being chained to the ground!

haha I like how he shakes it off at the end.
Nice mix of the gold colour and red carpet too, works really well.

Yeah, I thought so too!

My initial animation (I spent hours on and ended up throwing out) was like a hollywood-style red carpet where the lamp casually waved the shade and posed while camera flashes were going off around it. Turns out that was a lot for a first try at animation.

haha yeah definitely.
I deleted my first animations (saved in a separate file) because the pose most was somehow at a right angle to the actual model, so when it came to the video where we had to unparent it, then attach it all back together, once I done that and played the animation, the whole thing exploded. I haven’t created a new animation for it yet haha, but I plan to have the large lamp and a child lamp hopping around and watching TV.

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