Was this video easy to follow?

Do you like me showing you changes in source control while it compiles?

Sure, more informative than looking at the “compiling. … …” window :wink:


Yep, that is fine. Most times I don’t need it but it has helped me catch a mistake or two (or three). If anything, you doing that reinforces the need to check in my own code.

Hey Ben,

The link to this lectures discussions is missing the dot in the version number.

Link in the video resource tab: https://community.gamedev.tv/tags/c/unreal/s04-battletank/urc_s04_oncomponenthit_event_in_412

Correct link: https://community.gamedev.tv/tags/c/unreal/s04-battletank/urc_s04_oncomponenthit_event_in_4.12

Thank you for the great videos :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this, I’ve updated it and alerted @sampattuzzi to a possible issue with our automation.

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