Warped faces

Hey, I have had a problem with a model of mine, I made faces with 4 vertices that weren’t aligned, I remember this being discussed in a lecture but I can’t remember which one, what was the solution for this? Just make a few extra faces but with 3 vertices each time?

  • a) split the face manually by selecting 2 vertecies and joining the [J]
  • b) select all of the verticies for that face, set the transform axes to “Local” and scale to 0 (zero) on the appropriate axis. Warning: this will affect the surrounding faces so use with caution.
  • c) take a moment to breath, then start manually moving individual vertecies to fix the model.
  • d) In Edit Mode Select all the faces and navigate to: Mesh —> Clean Up —> Make Planar Faces.


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Huh, it looks like I was on my facebook too, otherwise I would respond on Monday. I thiught about just making faces with 3 vertices so that they are all planar(?), or to just add more geometry to those areas with subdivide.

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I didn’t remember there was an option to make faces planar, I assume it has limitations?

I found a Carmilla model for castlevania lords of shadow 2 from the net and I was going to print it but then I noticed that it was really low poly and its geometry was seriously messed up. So now I am trying to recreate some parts and refine others.

Face don’t need to be planar! Except on hard surface models (cubes).
A face of 4 vertices will be on render time converted to triangles. Even so for N-gons (faces with more then 4 vertices).
But 4 vertices give you the best render result and easy on sub divisions.

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