Warning be carful of nullptr

I was really excited to get this far in the course… lol because I needed to try this one twice before I could get this far lol. By the the time 17:58 I was ready to Rock, So I thought. Things started going by a little fast because those silly UPROPERTY kept resetting. I missed when Sam added the Handcontroller into the bottom box. well it was nulptr for me, and crashed of course. But me not so experienced as i would like to believe start mucking around… 3 hrs later and basically redo a third time but that is good experience for me. Just maybe a UE_LOG or a nullptr check right before everything else in ::FindTeleportDestination ()… I love to mess up but just a thought for those who are looking. Thank You SAM . You ARE 5 STAR AWESOME.

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nullptrs are tricky. I’m glad you got things sorted and sorry for the lateness of the reply.

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